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The Universal Energy Symbol / Sigil / Talisman , Copyright ©, all rights reserved, Richard Gordon 2013

 The Universal Energy symbol / Sigil and Talisman are all copyright © all rights reserved, Richard Gordon 2013.

Please note that this is a free to use symbol on a personal basis, and that any commercial reproduction is strictly forbidden, the copyright is in place so to record its point of origin thus preventing the corruption of its original meaning, also being hijacked by multinational companies.

The universal energy symbol and related article has now featured in has now featured in many international magazines and websites including "The Enlightening Times", "Disinformation" and has even been featured by "Truth watch" , it also now has it's own Facebook page!

Since before the dawn of recorded history mankind has sought to define, connect, even harness the powers of the universe via the use of symbols or talismans. Many of these symbols have been used as a method of protection whilst others, such as the cross have been seen to be a direct link between themselves and their chosen god.
During the 1990’s I spent an extended period of time doing in depth study in regards to symbols and their meanings or origin. I remember thinking at the time that it was strange that there appeared to be very little out there that could be employed in the representation of the universal whole. Some 18 year or so later I returned to my original research and was surprised to find that there was still was no convincing universal symbol that had come into common use.
After a lengthy discussion with several respected occultists on the subject of whether or not Humanity actually needed something that would represent the universe, it appeared that they were mostly in agreement towards the idea of there being one, and so I decided to take up the challenge of perhaps creating such a symbol. Several days later I realized that it wasn’t going to be anywhere as near straight forward as I had imagined it to be.
If the symbol were ever to have the chance of being universally accepted two major stumbling blocks would need to be addressed.
Firstly it could not be seen to represent or favor any single belief system over another; it would have to be devoid of having any reference or resemblance to traditional religious symbolism such as icons or mandalas.
Secondly it would also have to avoid the pitfalls of appearing to be based on any of the myriad of traditional esoteric seals or symbols.
This being the case I decided to do a little research into some of the symbols that other people have proposed to fill the space over the last few years. What struck me immediately about many of the ones I came across was that they mainly appeared to be either based on traditional symbols such as the infinity figure (like the number 8), or tended to be very over complex designs incorporating well known structures such as the flower of life or in some cases even including the all seeing eye.
After some deliberation I made a start on the work, I decided that whatever I was to come up with would also need to portray a deeper meaning, as matter is said to be a physical manifestation of energy, I concluded that my design should not only represent the universal whole but also in some way imply the energetic nature of the reality that manifests within it.
Further to it being a complete symbol of the universe I thought that my proposed design should also lend itself to becoming a master sigil or talisman of universal energy or even be utilized as a healing energy sign.
For the benefit of those of us that haven’t heard of sigils, the term sigil is derived from the Latin sigillum, meaning seal, these are often used in magik to represent and call spirits or demons but can alternatively be a stylized magikal symbol that is created as a means of bypassing the minds filters and delivering the information directly into the subconscious where it may help manifest a desired result.
The presented image is my design of “The Universal Energy Symbol” it conveys how that which we often perceive as being the universal whole, is then again contained within a greater whole, and that the living essence/energy that runs throughout its entirety may take many varied and dynamic paths before it condenses into what we refer to as reality.
Energy is seen to move outwards in all direction whilst being rooted to an inverted circle of arrows at its core indicating that, as in mystical tradition, the center of the universe simultaneously co-exists within all points within the universe and that any sense of separation is no more than an elaborate illusion.

The Universal Energy Symbol will hopefully become a positive symbol of Hope and peace for Humanity!

The universal energy symbol/sigil, copyright © Richard Gordon 2013

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